Ms Motivator



WELCOME! I am Lucy A.K.A Ms Motivator. A 30-year-old food/lifestyle PR living in London.

Socially orientated, officially opinionated…often inebriated!

This blog has been a long time coming. Having bored everyone I know half to death over the last ten or so years obsessing over the latest diet and exercise fad I thought it was about time I put all my thoughts and knowledge down – hopefully to good use.

The aim is to share some of the crazy amount of energy and ideas I have, plus if I manage to motivate even one person to lose weight, become healthier or even just talk enough crap to make someone smile I would have succeeded.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I was once being a serious fatty and have lost 4 stone, which I will talk you through (and how it might help you) AND also winning ACTUAL COME DINE WITH ME back in 2012 – you can watch here. In addition to this I read A LOT, and BLABBER A LOT about body types, diet, nutrition, mental health, overall wellbeing and exercise.

Finally, I am here to go out and test out the weird and wonderful world of fitness classes in London. From boxing to barre, Pilates to pump and everything in between. So if you have seen one that you fancy but you’re apprehensive to go – let me know and I will try it!

So if you’d like some motivation… step this way.


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