“The company and friendship of others with common aims”

Starting the New Year with all the promises, resolutions and self-love in the world. It often turns to sh*t before you can say “Veganuary”.

Let’s be honest, just because the calendar states a certain date, it doesn’t mean that you’re actual state of mind is suddenly going to change.

Usually when we’ve got in a rut with food, or drink or whatever your vice may be, it’s because of external factors – and if you really think about it, it’s usually because of stress – be that long or short term. Read my advice on keeping those plates spinning here.

So if you’ve decided to make a change for you, because you want to be happier, slimmer, more proactive etc.

The barrier or problem is usually (DEFINITLEY) YOU!

(Read more about the barriers to weight loss here)

You are LAZY! You are TIRED! You are STRESSED and full of ALL the excuses.

That voice in your head that goes “hit snooze again”, “have another biscuit”, “one more episode”, is you my friend.

Plus, the bad news is, you can’t argue with you, you is your limbic system, and sorry to break this to you again, but it’s x5 stronger than your frontal “human” side of your brain. (The frontal part would 100% put the digestive biscuit down if it was in charge).

It’s so annoying because you KNOW what you’re doing is wrong, but you go into a mad, autopilot haze that sees you come out the other side with no idea why you’re surrounded by crumbs and empty wine glasses.

weight loss isn't easy

A good guide in my life once said to me. “Lucy, you’re a very persuasive person, how on earth do you think you’d be able to argue with yourself, you’ll always win”.

Hmmmmmm… so what is needed here is more than just me.

What we all need is a squadron; a team; a battalion!!!

This means we can provide each other with…


That’s right, we all need a comrade, comrade!

If you give someone moral support, you encourage that person and show that you approve of what they are doing, making you feel like you’re making the right choice. The added ‘e’ is that it also brings MORALE! That person on the end of the phone or What’s App is personally involved in what you’re up to, with a common goal.

There is a reason that the AA programme is so successful. A sponsor is exactly what we need.

So I have been on the weight gain denial train (read more here) for a while, and things have got completely out of hand. Booze was creeping its way into most days, and the inevitable cheese that goes alongside. (Read more about my thoughts on our relationship with alcohol here).

Pre-Xmas I was sat with some work colleagues and we all had the same complaint. “I want to lose weight and be happier in myself, but I seem to have lost all self control. Even though I basically know what I should be doing, I have literally no will power. I need to join a group to keep me in check.”

My inner Ms Motivator started to roar.

HANG ON A MINUTE PEEPS. Let’s do this shizzle together!

And so #LossLife was born.

Our main aim is to be healthy, comfortable and happy. We work for a sector in our business called “Life” and ultimately we want to lose fat. So #LossLife makes a lot of sense. A What’s App group, a pair of scales and some handy books I bought from Tiger we are on our way!


It is amazing how boosted you feel when you know someone has got your back, or that you’re helping someone else. I literally can’t wait to weigh next week. So grab some pals, set a weekly date, make a pact.

And remember, the best part about putting weight on, is watching it fall off.

If you’d like any moral(e) support then get in touch!