I started doing Class Pass this time last year, on an ‘unlimited’ pass that no longer exists. I am not really surprised they had to drop ‘unlimited’ as an option, as I was paying about £85 for a £10-20 class each and every day. I was basically rinsing them. Sorry Class Pass. (You can read all my reviews here).

It was a BRILLIANT experience though, as I gave a lot of hard, mad and random classes a whirl (from Argentine Tango, to Upside Down Yoga).

However, like so many people that used the app, it was 1Rebel that enticed me.

After Class Pass stopped the unlimited classes I had to make a decision on which class/gym I would continue, and the choice was distinctly obvious.


You can read my early Reshape and Rumble posts, but I wanted to explain my TOP FIVE reasons why is it WORTH every single penny, one year on…

  • It works you harder than any other class


I think back to the early classes when I was doing mountain climbers for the fourth time in 10 minutes, literally raging as my legs were giving way, and I was thinking F**K OFF THIS IS ACTUAL HELL.

But you do improve.

Actually,  all of those beautiful ‘Class Masters’ push you harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself before, for a god dam reason.

Whether it is Esme laughing whilst your ‘rest’ is another round of squat jumps, or Daniel, the cheeky scamp – luring you into x4 times more burpees that you thought you were capable of. These ‘Class Masters’ genuinely care. They’ve been part of the overall structure, physical architecture – right down to the music choice – of each class.

Jono will help you remember WHY you set that god dam alarm at 5.00am, and he will make sure you get the best from your workout. Zoe will PROMISE you won’t do full body madness after sprints – and her tunes are redic. (Get the F**K DOWN!)

These are people that get high off you pushing hard. So go hard.

Go ARGHHHHHHHHH! ROAR if you feel like it. No one would judge.

  • You will never ever regret going


Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep. You look at your phone. WTF. 5.10am. WHY?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. Oh yeah, I booked a class. FFS.

You slip on your gym gear with anger. A thought of “why don’t I just cancel” sweeps over until you remember the cancellation charge.

No, these guys have you by the balls and rightly so.

In these situations I have trained my lovely boyfriend to remind me that I have NEVER EVER REGRETTED a 1Rebel class.

But still, walking down the Stroud Green Road looking at this miserable grey view, I am still dubious as to why this is happening. I could still be in BED!


So you get on the tube, amongst the early birds heading to work (side note, why are there so many people drinking Red Bull and eating Mars bars at that time?!). You storm into the gorgeous studio, the warm staff welcome you as if it is 6.30 in the evening, and you dump your things in the beautiful changing rooms (coming back to those).


If I am truly honest, sometimes I am still thinking “WTF AM I HERE” … till that first tune drops.

My fave mix at the moment starts with Kanye West (below), which isn’t even my thing – but it works – and I actually find myself SMILING like something out of ‘One flew out the cuckoos nest’. Grinning as the endorphins kick in and I smash a class.

Afterwards when you’re walking down the street still buzzing there is only one word that describes that feeling.


You’re smug because not only have you smashed a class, but the 45 minutes of exercise was so clever, (HIIT training magic) it will keep you burning calories for most the day.

I normally at this stage message my boyfriend a “OMG you were so right, literally buzzing, smashed it”, and it happens after every class.

Worth every penny.

  • Amazing variety


Having exercised since I was about 15 in a ‘group’ setting (‘Aerobics’ and such the like) – the sort of thing where is there wasn’t a grapevine, were you even exercising? I always felt I wanted more.

When I moved through to running (my grizzly fortay) and finally into HIIT training, it was quite a shock.

But a freaking top notch one.

So 1Rebel runs on three types of class. I am sorry if you’re a spin fan – I am sure their Ride class banging – but because I don’t enjoy it (I don’t like being trapped on a bike. I want to be FREE!) doesn’t mean it isn’t great. And in fact I will get a guest review post on here from someone who does.

I flit between Reshape and Rumble. Reshape mixes free weights, and treadmill. Rumble is a combination of boxing and floor work. (See my earlier reviews for more).

No. Class. Is. EVER. The. Same.

So by the law of variety, you can NEVER GET BORED! And because it is HIGH INTENSITY, in SHORT BURSTS, you burn MORE CALORIES, it INCREASES METABOLISM – and not just during the class, but whilst your muscles are repairing your body carries on burning baby!

  • A word on the ‘vibes’


If you have been you will know. If you haven’t, then prepare yourself for ‘industrial cool’ showers with stunning scented products, hairdryers & straighteners in front of ‘behind the scenes on a Beyoncé shoot’ mirrors etc. and more. It is fabulous.

One of my friends books a weekend class 20% for the exercise 80% for the beautiful experience of getting ready. They have got it nailed.

Now, just like in every gym there are people that are more exhibitionist than others.

Personally I am more in the  ‘FFS my tights won’t pull up properly because I am still dam wet and now I have to try and hide whilst doing a weird dance’ school of getting ready.

But yeah there are the beautiful bodied who moisturise literally EVERYWHERE, or the enviable slim folk that think it’s best to do their hair wearing just their pants (I just hope they’re not later wearing polo or turtle necks because what a WASTE).

I am annoyingly British (we’ve discussed this before), so I am always nice, amiable and friendly. Even if someone is the opposite. But I often get a cold shoulder from all these pretty, cool folk.


All I am saying it let’s all just be a bit kinder in gym changing rooms  – I appreciate deadlines, work stresses and general life priorities – but REALLY will anyone die if you slowed down a bit and smiled? I will try and start it – let’s see what happens.

  • My thoughts on improvements


Listen, I haven’t been paid for this post – I am telling you the truth as I know this is a very ‘of the moment’ gym – especially with the one opening up in Southbank soon (thank-god as I am moving west).

So a few personal thoughts on how they could improve the place…

  • Expense – it is not cheap. I totally get that and agree with everyone that mentions it. I personally think (and especially if you have read this far) that it is worth it. BUT I think the cancellation policy could be a bit softer?
  • Personal touch – I have been going for a year, 2-3 times a week. No one has a clue who I am. I get that they have a high turnover of peeps, but I am a dedicated bastard. Plus with this barnet I am not hard to spot surely. Just a hint of recognition would go a long way!
  • Wider appeal – yes it is cool AF, but it is also just a great bloody work-out. There is a lot of snobbery I have heard from colleagues and friends who don’t go but have ‘heard bad things’. I have seen 300 pound 50+ men and women smashing it in classes – it shouldn’t be about appearance, I certainly don’t feel it is

Final Thoughts

As a former fatty, and someone that CONSTANTLY has to battle to stay in my size eight-ten clothes, 1Rebel is a phenomenal place to push, build and see real results. I have had to throw away the scales in one sense because I have reduced my fat percentage, whilst building my compact lean muscle. Meaning I look pretty similar, but weigh the same, if not more. Which would be heartbreak if I didn’t fit into all my clothes, but the main thing is it makes me feel HAPPY.

One year on, no matter what – when I am high planking, screaming inside and out – I have a smile on my face.

me face