I’ve spoken about my love for sausages before, and no one in the world loves sausages as much as I do… aside from my sister. (You can read all about our sausage making escapades here).

So when she messaged me, with URGENT NEWS (after initially panic), I saw a pack of sausages pop up on my phone, and knew this could only be a GOOD THING. Working for artisan cheese wholesalers Harvey and Brockless, Emily gets hold of some SERIOUSLY STRONG cheeses (it has been known for people to be knocked over by the smell, as they open my parent’s fridge), as well as beautiful highlights from the charceuterie. She also works alongside some serious foodies, and her pal managed to get hold of these top-notch sausages.

But these were not just any sausages. These were… wait for it… DRUMROLL PLEASE!

The WORLD’S BEST PORK SAUSAGE! As voted for as part of the World Butchers Challenge in Australia from 2016.

Now, according to sausage legend (or rather Em’s pal at work that gave us the sausages), this accolade has been in the hands of New Zealand for the past few years – and now the Brit’s have taken the crown back. YES! (A crown of sausages – just imagine!).


This particular banger, does not have anything fancy infused, no pretentious boar meat, not even a hint of apple. This is a ‘Pork Sausage with Cracked Pepper’ from East Knitsley Grange Farm – and so the next question is, how do we enjoy these links of heaven?


I’d love to hear about your favourite accompaniments, and various methods for sausages. For me these are the main ones I flit between:

  • Frying – the least favourite because they end up a bit oily for me, but nice for a juicy banger – a big Cumberland from the butcher – with a Sunday fry-up (if you’re on a bit of a cheat day)


  • Oven – Good if you’re having sausages with your Sunday roast (this is a staple in the Hird house). Ovening can make our porky pals drier if you don’t keep an eye on them, or if you’re trying to get everything to come together and they end up sitting on a low heat. So treat them with the respect they deserve – build the meal around them
  • Grilling – This is my top choice – as you can line them all up, military style or I like to think of the childhood rhyme ‘there was six in the bed and the little one said’. Again, care is key as you need to turn them regularly to ensure an even browning. But the results are magical!


  • BBQ – Not a staple at all, but when the weather is right and time allows, why the hell not. I’ve always dreamed of having a balcony (I live in London, so garden/patio would be a laughable fantasy) where I could BBQ when the mood took me, but for now I’ll settle for a few choice times of year with the family in their garden listening to Bob Marley.

Perhaps the BBQ flavour is so beautiful because of its sporadic enigma and level of effort required?


I’ve always thought that Tommy K goes with bacon, and brown with sausages.

But then I discovered FRUITY SAUCE. And this one below by Branston is outstanding. HP is also good. In the winter, sausage with mash and onion gravy is the ULTIMATE comfort, but it wasn’t quite right for these.


So the other, (and possibly controversial choice)… was cheese.


I don’t know many things savoury that are not improved by cheese. Answers on a postcard please.

On a side note, I just love stilton melted on sausages…melted on most meats actually. I am genuinely starting to salivate writing this now. Just imagining the tangy sharpness of a ripe blue, complemented by the smooth flavour and crumbly texture. It really is the god of cheeses.

ANYWAY! We went for a standard cheddar – as we weren’t looking to take away from the sausage’s flavour. Then finally we did one naked, to appreciate the Award Winning Cracked Pepper and Pork combination.

So the mix was as follows:

  • Grilled – Naked
  • Fried – Fruity Sauce
  • Oven – Cheese (for melting)

And this is what it looked like…


This was a very special sausage. The meat was crumbly but held together tightly, without being too dense or too fatty. The cracked pepper didn’t necessarily come through, but was an undertone of seasoning to set-off the meat, which you could tell was top quality.

In terms of the accompaniments. I loved them all, but ended up dipping the melted cheese ones in fruity sauce for the ultimate combination.

So there you have it, the World’s Best Pork Sausage. I did want to add some delightful pictures of us enjoying the sausages… but despite various poses we decided it wasn’t quite the right tone for the blog. You’ll have to imagine that one 😉

How do you enjoy your sausages?