It’s been a while since an exercise class post, because I have become OBSESSED with 1 Rebel Rumble class.

Punch punch punch, pow pow pow, burpee burpee burpee, sweat sweat sweat.

I have been boxing my way through about eight classes last month (not showing off, had to sort out this Winter chub I was carrying round) and I just LOVE IT. I’ve DEFINITELY seen my overall strength and fitness improve.  Plus I am back in my pre-Xmas clothes. HURRAH!

I am feeling like my technique is improving. I mean if there were mirrors I am sure it probably isn’t, but I am living in a boxing make believe blur for now.

They do a technique class that I am going to try out soon… so I will keep you posted.

Anyway, onto “Seen on Screen” ‘UK’s Sassiest Dance Class”.


We opted for “Slay” for all levels. I repeat, all levels.

My lovely new friend I met in Ibiza on New Year was working in London, and rather than meeting up and getting bladdered (there’s time for that still) we decided to do a class.

How very on trend of us.

An ex-amazing dancer herself, I suddenly realised when I entered the class that “all levels” didn’t include mine.

We twisted and shoulder shaked and booty lifted to a one and a two and three and a four. Then, drop spin and it was straight onto the next section… but I was still confused at body contortion number one.

We clicked and twirled and shimmied to a five and a six and a seven and an eight. But then we moved into the next sequence… nooooooo wait for me!

I was a move behind, just like our old pal Dick Van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Classic Me Old Bamboo

Let’s Play, Spot the Lucy


The guy teaching the class was sh*t hot, and 70% of the girls in there were shit hot. When the music came on I realised the moves had been slowed down, and now we were going for “full tempo” to Drake.

Oh great! I mean when you can’t do a move slowly, you’re BOUND to be able to do it faster right? Right?

Put it this way, I was not shit hot. (There’s a reason I have put in stills to this post rather than the full CRINGE video I found online)


Credit: Seen on Screen




Hayley and I giggled through the class, she was shimming right on the beat with sass, and smashing it like I thought she would. I had my Fitbit on and didn’t want to let it down (I am sure it judges me for a shit work out) so I jumped around loads on the beat and hoped no-one noticed.

I mean they probably did, but then I don’t really care.

I think it’s great to get out and try new things. There should be no judgement.

There was a larger, older lady at the front, in her own world. Giving it bass face and putting me to shame with her moves – I love that dance can be an expression.

And I did take away a few moves… EY UP watch out dance floor I am coming for you!

Feel like the class would have been better if it was smaller. There was almost no mirror space for me to even try and practice (yes I am a bad workman blaming my tools). But I think also it’s about letting go with your twists and shoulder shakes and bringing in your attitude.

I mean it was UK’s Sassiest Dance Class after all.

The ones in the class who were properly good at dancing, broke a real sweat and it was mesmerising to watch. It turns out I am just not massively co-ordinated in that kind of time frame – sure loads of people who BLOOMING LOVE IT!

There’s loads of others to choose from too – Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé etc. So if you can LEARN a dance, then definitely give it a whirl.

Hayley – next time we are going boxing 😉

LOCATION: Various – check out the website here.

DIFFICULTY RATING: I would say hard, but I think as with all things, the more you go, the easier it gets. Plus if you’re a dancer, and you learn quickly – sure you’ll have it nailed in no-time.

STAR RATING: I am giving it a 3.8. It was fun, the time went super fast, I burned about 350 calories (thanks Fitbit), and I would go again!