Chooo choooo – all aboard the denial train!

Destination: Tight fitting clothing and a lot of breathing in.

Calling at:

  • Bingeing
  • Lack of control
  • Scale avoidance
  • Stretchy waistbands
  • Mirror blackout

Please make sure you have a valid ticket for travel – saturated fats, alcohol and sugar – ONLY ROUTE PERMITTED.

Tickets marked “healthy living” are not permitted on this service.

(Those who know me, know how much I love trains. So this was a pure joy of an analogy to write).

Here we are. I need to tell you something. I have been travelling on the denial train.

I kind of knew… like there was an inkling. I had subtly moved from my favourite cropped top and matching skirt combo… towards black jeggings and baggy jumpers.

If only they looked this good currently.

I not only started to avoid my scales, but I genuinely actually threw them out the window. (In my defence I was slightly tipsy, and I checked there was no-one around, and then tried to clear up the glass).

I have actually got to the point where some of my ‘active wear’ doesn’t fit. (Not that I was one of those permanent ‘Active Wear’ douchebags – see below if you haven’t watched the hilarious video).

Another sign was the fact I haven’t bought any clothes for a while. In fact my ASOS A-List account has been reduced to level 2. They must wonder what the hell happened to one of their best customers (so many vouchers unused sob sob!)


My Mum and Dad came to stay (a happy haze of delicious dinners and red wine, which contributed to my issues today), and my Old Man pointed out how trim he looked in my mirror. This is partly because he has done so well on fasting  but partly because I realised it was at such an angle it took at least 5 pounds off me. No wonder I had decided so many mirrors were ‘evil’ outside my own home.

Why does it happen like this? One minute you’re thinking, “a good week and I’ll be back in my favourite slim outfit”. Then the next minute you’re reduced to about four things that still fit.

You know its bad, when you’re debating the next size up. All I can say is…

DON’T DO IT! STOP! Move away from the leggings! Put that smock top down!

It’s time to do the only thing you (and I) can do in this situation.

It’s time to face the TRUTH. (And yes, you CAN handle the truth!)

For me it was time to face up. So I popped into John Lewis and bought new scales. I put my whippet boyfriend on them first, as a test, and even he had put on weight (he probably needed to though). But this is still not a good sign (our ‘eating sunday’s’ cheat day had built up such momentum it included every bad food imaginable, and lasted for days).


All I can say is – whatever that scary number is when you step onto those scales – you can feel grateful that you’ll never have to see it again. The only way is DOWN!

I’d like to caveat that scales and numbers aren’t everything. I totally appreciate that. But once I get rid of the actual FAT off  yours and my body, we might start to BUILD muscle, and end up heavier. But the whole ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ philosophy is a myth – pound for pound they’re the same. If you get to a point where you’re lean and bulking this may be the case that you put on ‘weight’. But lets get rid of that fat first eh? 

A good measure is looking at your belly. The stubborn fat sits here, and its unfortunately a sign of future disease. Having a flat stomach is obviously the ultimate goal. And it IS achievable (through a mixture of fasting, exercise, water, no alcohol etc. – see more on this on the blog here).

But for now, ALL ABOARD! Let’s get focus on getting the HEALTHY TRAIN back to SLIMSVILLE!


It’s time to get on the scales – or find something that used to fit and try it on. Whatever it is that makes you ACCEPT and REALISE CHANGE IS REQUIRED and CHOOSE TO MAKE A CHANGE.


Here goes…

Okay I have put on a bloomin stone. Oooopsy. No point in moping. Think of all the fun I can have losing it again!


Once you’ve sobbed, screamed and realised YOU are the only one that can sort this mess out the its time to choose a goal – which was my first ever wee post on my blog. Have a mooch – here.

Point is it could be an outfit, a wedding, a number, a feeling. Whatever it is that you’re heading for, make it realistic, and reward yourself throughout the journey. At WeightWatchers they always had this ‘half pound’ blob thing that was quite satisfying to think you had rid yourself of.




Start writing down everything you’re consuming – I am not the biggest fan of My Fitness Pal because it’s so calorie focused – but you can start here so you can log your daily food/drink.

OR grab a pen and paper and go old school. It’s my preferred method, as you KNOW what you should be eating, and if you don’t try THIS post.

Denial is more about the fact you’ve been ignoring or hiding away from the extent of your over eating. 

Also helpful to enlist a real life PAL too – my London bestie and Sister also struggle and we like to moan and celebrate together. So that always helps. FATTIES UNITE!


Make a change!

I have consumed a couple of litres of water today, devoured delicious eggs, planned all my veggie based meals for the rest of the week, bought some delicious almonds, cut out my Frappe Latte that had crept in the cheeky devil, decided I am cutting right back on alcohol, and booked my favourite HIIT classes.

Go go goooooooooooo! Try one of my (growing portfolio cough cough) of recipes if you’d like to be inspired.


Stick with it! “Yeah yeah, I know that Lucy but I only made it onto the denial train because I fell off the nutrition bandwagon” (too many transport puns?).

Seriously – check in regularly with those scales/clothes. Ask your mum, dad, partner, colleagues to HELP and NOT OFFER YOU CAKE/CHEESE.

Birthday Party in Office

Work out why you’ve ended up in on this denial train in the first place. If there is something a bit deeper and you’ve been emotionally eating. Look into this further – try my post here.


Celebrate! Pick an interim goal and go for a slap-up meal – try the fanciest steak you can find, with a gorgeous salad and extra kale, broccoli and green beans – and feel SO SMUG when you say no to the chips AND wake up happy.

Let me know how you get on. See you in Slimsville!