First rule about Fight Klub, is… tell bloomin’ everyone about Fight Klub!!!!

I have mentioned previously that drum and bass is my forte. Ever since my big sis was playing DJ Hype back in… god ’93 (yes I am that old), and my young impressionable self thought, WHAT THE JEFF is THIS MAGICAL MUSIC GENRE THAT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM AND JUMP ABOUT AND LET GO OF EVERY WORRY – I have been hooked!

For me, it resonates on a very primal level – take this for example (also hoping when I have a child it is a cool as Freddy):

It is, I believe, an innate quality within us that loves beats, loves drops, loves a build up – and for you Beyoncé might provide that – good for you!

There’s no judgement here- but for me, when someone like DJ Hazard came up with Mr. Happy, it felt like he created it just so I could go MAD and train HARDER or run FASTER.

So when I found out about Fight Klub, a high octane boxing class set to drum and bass music I was beside myself.

Fight Klub is a franchise that has gained a very strong following – to the point that they now hold “weekenders” full of ravers, misbehavers, and just those who love Fight Klub dag nammit.

Mega classes full of, I want to say thousands to add drama, but deffo hundreds of people going MENTAL for this type of fitness.



This doesn’t actually feature on Class Pass, but I have missed it, and my bestie bladdy loves it, so off we went on a wet Wednesday to Highbury.

Quick one – just remember to bring your own gloves. If you ever went to a comprehensive school and had to delve into the lost property if you forgot your P.E kit you’ll know what I mean. Your sweat is one thing, someone else’s is something else.

SO FITNESS FRIENDS – If your last name was Harper, and you were running a fitness class, what sort of branding would you go for? Would it be this sort of gold???



Yeah, exactly I thought not.

What a dude. Not just a dude actually, like a full blown boxing legend and PART MC!!


My bestie and I always try and work out his back story, like which came first. A fantastic boxing ability that he thought, I could share this, but it needs something -so he learned how to MC. Or, was he out in Ayia Napa in 2000, and things got heavy, plus he’d always been able to throw a punch which often got him into trouble so he decided to go back and put his two skills to use? Answers on a post card people.

Anyway, the class is set inside a big school hall, just 5 minutes from Highbury and Islington station. It’s a real mix of people and abilities, which I really like. Leave your fabletics at the door ladies, this is an old t-shirt and sweats type class. Prepare to get sweaty too, like if horses sweat you’ll be like a freaking stallion.

There around about 6 punch… stations? It’s definitely not a punch station but let’s call it that for the sake of the post. And between 3-5 of you gather round.

It’s a mixed bag of jabs, crossed, upper cuts, hooks and the occasional kick, but super energetic.

I kind of wish there was more technique as you look around and sometimes people look more like they’re prodding a butterfly to wake it up, but hey it’s their £7 their wasting not mine. And waste it I do NOT!

Harper usually gets us into twos for the second part and we do fun exercises like burpees, jumping squats and lunges (I must be in a good mood as I said fun and burpees in the same breath).

Like many instructors he has a thing, and for our man Harper it’s getting us all to shout down counting from eight to one. I like this as I think it makes you work harder – you know the end is near so you can push it just that little bit further.

The stretch at the end is DIVINE! It’s an hour class and at least 7 mins is stretching. It’s my big stretch of the week aside from yoga, and it means tired arms and legs aren’t too achy the next day.

It’s guaranteed to make you smile, sweat, get your anger out, there’s no pretentiousness, no judgement – and it’s just £7.


So what are you waiting for? Tell everyone about Fight Klub!

LOCATION: My one is at St Mary Magdeline Academy, Liverpool Rd, London N7 8PG but you can find out more at

DIFFICULTY RATING: depends how hard you push yourself.