In the interest of making sure I really get to try out the range and breadth of this wonderful app I want to give everything a go.

The weirder the better. So just like Argentine Tango, when I saw this class I knew I had to give it a whirl…

Aerial Flight by Skylab promises everything a fitness fanatic who is not afraid of hanging upside down from the ceiling DREAMS of!

On the website they advise that you should take the aerial fit class first, because you need to get the old techniques right… and as I learned, you also need to have some kind of core/upper body strength.

Also when I say “some kind” I mean like SH*T LOADS! So aerial fit it was to be!

Just a quick word about the maps on the app. Just like my fun experience getting into Le Meridian, this time it took me into an estate where I got locked in and a guy walking his dog had to use his lanyard (another underused but very enjoyable word, say it out loud now “lanyard”) to let me out. So my point is, have a google of the actual studio and try maybe city mapper and such the like.

Or get really good at scaling walls.

So I arrive late to this groovy little upstairs studio, and around seven people are intertwined with black cotton thin sheet hanging from the ceiling, being given orders.


The lovely Astra gives me her sheet (rope? Hangy thing?) and I try and join in. They’re doing a simple “pike” where you grip onto the sheet, wrap around your arms, then use your inner strength to stretch your legs out in front.

Okay, I am not going to lie; at this point in dawned on me that the class I thought it was, was this:

And what it actually was, is this:

The lovely Astra


So I tried to pike but just ended up jumping up, holding for all of a nano second and falling back down.

Not one to give in easily, I looked around for the support mechanism I must have missed but realised everyone was just supporting themselves by their own beautiful cores.

Wow. Just… wow.

So we went through moves and I was the worst in the class by a CONTINENT MILE, but again the lovely Astra came to my aid and showed me which muscles to engage, which meant I could do it like a tiny bit.

The bits that involved legs and being upside down I was actually okay at, I have legs my mum refers to as being “sturdy” (cheers mum) so most my power is there.

I even did this mad thing where I tried to turn into a stunning sharp star shape like Astra above, but even though I don’t have photo evidence I am guessing looked more like Patrick the star fish from sponge bob square pants, trapped upside down in a web of sheet.


It worked on every part of the body – like really delved into the depths of my strength and pushed me in such a different way.

100% not me


I have SO MUCH admiration for those people who can do this as JAYSUS you are just beyond hardcore. I joked at the end that I wanted to come back, I don’t think they understood why, as I was a joke.

I caught a girls eye near the beginning who was struggling too, but I also saw her relief when she got bumped up to “second worse in class” from my arrival.

But I really don’t care – it’s an incredible skill and even if I get 10% better I will be able to impress my four year old niece to NO END next time we go to the park and I can dangle off the bars like a gladiator.


LOCATION: Skylab, 25A Ferdinand St, London NW1 8EU

DIFFICULTY RATING: Hard. Harder than hard. Unless you have a lot of strength, OR a normal amount and I am just weak

STAR RATING: I am weirdly giving it a 5. It is so different, so enjoyable and such a challenge. GIVE IT A GO!