I am not really sure how to start this post. It is certainly the most random of all the classes so far… perhaps I shall explain my thinking first…?

I wanted to cover off as many WEIRD and WONDERFUL classes as possible, and I have just come back from a trip to South America (more of that to come).

So when I saw the words ARGENTINE TANGO I though wahey! Some sort of tango-ercise type thing.

They manage to turn everything into an -ercise so why shouldn’t they do it with tango right?


I brought my gym kit, which for some reason (it was cheap in sports direct) is a matching pink and black ensemble. I will build up to COOL AF Kate Hudson attire I promise, but for now “Karrimor” brand will suffice.

Before leaving I thought I would look up the actual venue as I have a habit of getting lost. It then dawns on me as I scroll through the website, it’s a genuine dance class, complete with “social” section. Ohhhhhhhhh… what the JEFF do I wear?! It suggests flowing skirts and dancing heels.

What you should actually wear – available at Tanguito

I look down at my standard ankle boots and work dress combo and decide it will do. Having worked at a Sports and Social Club in my teens (Phoenix Nights of the Midlands – SO MUCH MATERIAL I CAN SHARE WITH YOU), I know how these things work from the CEROC class that we had there. The Mavericks “just wanna dance the night away” with awkward divorcees/unhappily married people in their 40s drinking J20s jiving about.

He’s such a ‘Maverick’ – playing keyboard in the supermarket – he knows that’s not allowed.

I say this all, by the way, with LOVE and a JOVIAL mockery. I would hate to offend anyone who loves CEROC as I love a lot of people who go.

My expectations, were pretty spot on. I BURST into the class running late as the 38 to Angel was slow as per usual at that time of day. Luckily the class hasn’t started as the teachers hadn’t arrived. It was set inside a community hall, inside UNITY Church in Angel.

Looking around, my earlier thoughts were confirmed, BUT that WASN’T a negative thing.

I was there to tango and it takes two after all!

I was partnered with the ever so sweet Simon, who helped teach me the basics. The arm hold, the stance, tightening your core, standing firm but flexibly.

The “leader” basically chooses the steps and the “follower” me, is glided backwards, sideways and in pivot type motions. If you’re good at it, it looks PASSIONATE, sexy and EXHILIRATING. In a community hall on a wet Wednesday in October… it was FUN, different, and everyone there was just so LOVELY.

I was partnered with two other guys; one who was getting a bit CROTCHY so the sliding back dance move was a NECESSECITY as well as the point of the evening.

The instructors, who arrived about 20 minutes before the end, were a pint sized argentine power couple who MESMERISED us as masters of this craft.


There is a lot to think about whilst trying to stand straight, walk backwards, not look down at your feet whilst “feeling” through the “leaders” slight body movements where to move next.

Would I do it again? Maybe as a laugh with a few others. But I can see why the people who were regulars went a lot. Such an enthusiastic bunch.

Not any roses between the teeth though, which I did find a bit disappointing.


LOCATION: 277A Upper St, London N1 2TZ

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Its a dance class so you need to have some co-ordination, plus the ability to LAUGH at yourself A LOT!

STAR RATING: 3/5 Not my thing but well worth a GIGGLE!