Firstly, any similarity to GÜ Puds is like 100% purely coincidental…aside from the fact it’s a layered dessert, using the same glass pot.

But I am sure that’s FINE, because I still LOVE GÜ Puds, and ‘you can’t make a LÜ Pot without having previously eaten a GÜ Pud’ (new strapline? Not massively catchy).

Also, if you HAVEN’T TRIED ONE, then what the JEFF have you been playing at? This is my fave…

Zillionaires Cheesecake: Tesco


So the Lucy School of Health, Weight and Wellbeing  (LSHWW) is BE GOOD as MUCH as you CAN, but ENJOY yourself so you don’t want to DIE, and feel DEPRIVED.

This usually works out around 80/20, though if the 20 is like 10,000 calorie days (like my housemate), then maybe make it 90/10!

For me, chocolate and peanut are just basically the most ridiculously amazing combination since Paul and Barry Chuckle first decided to share a task between themselves.

So this is my LÜ Pot ‘recipe’ – super duper easy, and a perfect CHEAT DAY treat.

 Choc-nut LÜ Pot (Make as many as you want!)


  • Peanut Butter
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla Ice-cream
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • 1 pack peanut cookies
  • Butter
  • Hot chocolate powder

Firstly SMASH up the cookies in a plastic bag – you can pretend it’s a manager at work or you’re other half when you’re due on. Use a rolling pin Punch and Judy style. You’ll see that with the next step, there’s kind of no need to do the SMASHING but it’s FUN!

Chuck the broken cookie bits into a food processor until smooth.

Start melting a generous chunk of butter (25g-ish) and once melted, poor in the cookie mix. I used about 8 for 6 LÜ Pots. Once all the cookie is mixed in with the butter (melt more if needed, you don’t want it to be runny, just think of it like the perfect sand for castles, moist).

Then grab your pots, and SMUSH the mixture in with a teaspoon. Make it nice and flat as your chocolate is going to sit on top.


Make a bain-marie (saucepan with boiling water, bowl on top so its being heated by the water, not touching it), and throw in a bar of 85%+ chocolate. (You can get this 96% stuff in Wholefoods if you’re feeling really cheeky).

Teaspoon it into each pot once melted, so you have layer two.

Pop into the freezer so the chocolate sets. Then spread the peanut butter layer on, I like chunky peanut butter rather than smooth, but don’t let me dictate your decision.


Now comes the ice cream – use soft scoop else it’s a REET NEETMARE – fill up to just over the top.


MORE SMASHING – M&Ms this time, leave at least 12 back for decoration. I like using a pestle and mortar, as it makes me feel all medieval and I pretend I am an apocathery making potions (but really I am in a flat in Finsbury Park crushing M&Ms. DON’T RUIN IT!)

Crumble over, then sprinkle some Cadbury’s hot chocolate just for sh*ts and giggles, and finish with two little M&Ms nestled in for the party.


We made 6… within 2 hours my boyfriend, housemate and I had eaten them all. They can go in the freezer indefinitely (like a month or so), if you freeze them, take them out about 45 mins before eating so the chocolate isn’t too hard. A good trick if they’re a bit solid is to smash yourself a hole in the base to get teaspoon leverage and then it all comes out like a dream.

ALSO, I ALWAYS eat desserts with a teaspoon. They’re a REET TREAT, so think they should be savoured and eaten in very small amounts.

So if you use teaspoon there’s some mad logic that it seems like more. I think Liz Hurley ate off small plates in the 90s, and she looked pretty good, admittedly with safety pins rather than spoons, but I am not suggesting to wear them.

I will stop talking now. ENJOY!