Sing beach boys… ready! Goooood gooood goood good Vibes-(rations)!!!

In Covent Garden to be precise.

I had been recommended this class by my gorgeous Scottish pal Mandy. No reason to mention she’s Scottish, it just very much suits her (and her mum makes the best thing called tablet, which is like a drug when she brings it into the office and everyone goes mental for it. I think it’s made from around 145% sugar and another 72% crack).


So off I popped for a YOGA session – third now in total in my life, so I suppose you could call me semi-professional right?

No, very very wrong.

The studio is in Covent Garden and looks all fun and bubbly from the outside. Bit Austin Powers-y.


This was called “foundation” session for beginners in the slightly heated studio.

I was apprehensive regarding the warmth factor, but it was almost like being on the simmer gas hob, as low as it goes. A tickling of temperature. (Upper lip was sweaty, arm pits were fine).

James, bendy flexible James, led the class with GUSTO, warmth, genuine care and a fantastic ability. He reminded me of those rubber model figures you could bend in every direction (do you remember them they sort of looked like morph but wasn’t morph) and then ping back into place.

James Yoga.PNG

If that was what he looked like; I was like a very stiff yet mailable metal statue that just about moved into each position with a lot of pressure.

Compared to the other class morning flow, which was meditation and flowing, this was more about learning. He was very adamant that everyone got their Surya Namaskar right (plank, press up, curl up like a cobra), and whizzed round the class prinking us into place in between each movement. I felt by the end I knew how to hold myself in various poses. Thin yoga.jpg

My only slight… not annoyance, more observation, was the plethora of perfect yogis, long slim and beautiful, who glided into every move, binded it, then flipped themselves upside down as if it wasn’t hard enough already. Why didn’t they go to a flipping intermediate class so we didn’t all feel like douchebags?

At least I didn’t make the same mistake as Friday… (telling everyone accidentally that they were sh*t).

Overall a really great yoga introduction class for improvers. Would 100% go again.


LOCATION:  14-16 Betterton St, London WC2H 9BU

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Tough but fabulous for beginners. James was really good at spotting where we went wrong and tactfully correcting.

STAR RATING: 4/5 leave more space for actual beginners please