8 of my challenge I have actually come BACK FOR MORE at 1Rebel Full Body.

You can read the previous review here. Now, this means I have used up all of swetymy 1Rebel sessions SOB SOB as you can only do 3 per studio.

But SERIOUSLY this class is the shizzle. I think it’s the treadmill. The psychotic sprinting and the HIDEOUS inclines that make me feel all warm inside (maybe that’s the fat burning?).

This is basically what you look like afterwards….

Dazed, confused and PUMPED!

Again I imagine this is akin to crack addiction, or maybe meth?

So whilst I am here I thought I may as well explain a bit more about Class Pass and why the JEFF I am doing this.


I don’t know where your exercise journey began… mine was probably on my bike as a ‘yoof’, no actually, younger – as a yoofling, around 6 or 7.

Cycling around idyllic Malvern, moseying mostly, as that’s what you do in small towns.

This isn’t actually me, but it is actually Malvern


I could eat to my hearts content 90s staples of jam sandwiches, Golden Wonder crisps and Club bars as it would just burn off, as it usually does with little ones (or did, now we inject sugar into pretty much EVERYTHING so the poor blighters no longer stand a chance).


Late teens hit, I got lazy, I got fat, I signed up to a gym. You know the drill, 10 mins treadmill, half arsed lat pull downs, 1 hour of minimal effort. No results.

I tried the aerobic classes but looking back now we are definitely in Mad Lizzie territory for actual exertion levels. (A light glow of moisture on the upper brow).

So early twenties, managed to lose some weight (cut down on booze and carbs) but then I also discovered running!

My endomorph (more on that soon) frame isn’t the biggest fan, but I persevered from “are you jeffing kidding me, a MILE?! You run a MILE?!” To completing my first marathon this year in 4.15 – kapow.

But as runners know,

a. Your body gets used to it (I could eat 10 miles for breakfast, and my body would just carry on as if I had done nothing. B*STARD)

b. It can get dull if you don’t mix it up with other things (some opt for sprints, interval training, different terrains, which I love, but I felt like I needed something more…)

So my class lust still lay dormant and unfulfilled like a sad spouse in a sour marriage.

THEN those fitness geniuses discovered that ACTUALLY pushing yourself HARDER for a SHORTER amount of time is actually preferable, ‘spesh for endomorph like me and my pal Beyoncé. JEFFING great news!

I found Fight Klub (POST COMING SOON!) that combined both passions of mine – Drum & Bass and boxing  and I was pretty happy.


Till everyone started talking about these SHINY new gyms, these boot camps led by people called BARRY (not the guy of Eastenders I was gutted to find out, he didn’t do a Jodie Marsh and re-launch himself with an orange tan and abs you could go rock climbing on unfortunately) and classes that sounded just so bloody cool and SEXY, and got results!


So here we are. On day 8 of the 30 day challenge, I have signed up for £80 (on offer) to take 30 classes around London with 1,000s to choose from! I am honest about every class I go to, and I am just sharing my weird and wonderful experiences.

I also have a back-log of fitness and nutritional jovial anecdotes to share along the way.

So pull up a pew, grab a cup of green tea and have a wee listen.