When I was a wee nipper, I’d love nothing more than dragging out one of my mums Mad Lizzy videos, (fast forwarding past the bit about evil fats etc. that we all now know to be total bollocks) and straight into a world of perms, Lycra (so much Lycra!) and shoulder pads? Can I say shoulder pads or am I just drawing on all 80s films and not exercise videos?


I kind of assumed that was the last time I would do a grapevine, twirl and clap (at the ripe old age of 6) but HOW WRONG COULD I BE?!

Cue Dance Cardio at Frame, Kings Cross. A little about Frame first. One of the cooler studios (do we say boutique? I will have to work out a system to validate boutiqueness, it will have something to do with flowers/art/wooden finish etc. And how many people are behind the counter to greet you, but instead nonchalantly ignoring you) although this one was really welcoming at the same time.


Free raw chocolate bars, don’t mind if I do, and uncomplicated lockers. If 1Rebel was Rihanna, this place was Taylor Swift. Popular but not intimidating.

They also had some GORGEOUS gym gear for sale. Check this out… wondering if I could just get away with wearing it for a rave?


Back to the grapevine… the lovely Lara welcomed five of us into the class. I had read a few reviews that said it was challenging but sweaty – the premise being you learn a few moves whilst jumping around like an idiot. The warm up was easy enough (grapevine, twirl, clap) but then it got COMPLICATED.

Luckily everyone in the class was pretty rubbish, (I actually turned between dances to the other four girls like “Well, at least we’re all sh*t, and one of the girls did NOT look happy, so I back-tracked like “oh apart from you obviously”, but the damage was done, OOPS). The moves didn’t last long so you didn’t get much chance to catch up or learn – I felt like Dick Van Dyke dancing to me old bamboo in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I did get nicely sweaty though, and as the very flexible and well practiced Lara said, “if you don’t know a move just jump around a bit”. So I did… though maybe I would have been better with Mad Lizzy?

LOCATION: 21 New Inn Yard, Kings Cross EC2A 3EA

DIFFICULTY RATING: It was tricky to learn the steps so quickly, but it was only one session, so if you are more dance-y you could pick it up in a few weeks.