POW POW POW!!!!! This blog should have had some sort of entrance music, ROCKY style. No not rocky… too obvious.

Actually now I think about it that’s a great pub question. What would be your entrance song if you were a professional boxer? (Let me know in the comments!)

This is one of my favourite songs in the world from Gnarles Barkley, you cannot fail to smile and feel happier after listening to it. There’s this verse that always almost chokes me up with a wave of power…

What went right? What went wrong
Was it the story – or was it the song?
Was it overnight – or did it take you long?
Was knowing your weakness what made you strong?

I’m like YES Mr Ceelo Green, my weaknesses DO make me feel stronger (big believer in owning your faults and turning them into positive attributes. Like putting on weight is just a great opportunity to enjoy losing it again, all those endorphins!)

Anyway, day 4 brings me to Rumble at 1Rebel Broadgate. This is another of the cool AF workouts from the very popular 1Rebel group that almost made me spew on Monday.

So far, so pumped.

This particular studio is based out of the back of Liverpool Street Station, an area I am not too familiar with (just Google Maps it, and turn your phone the right way round). After getting lost around the various shiny sushi establishments in Broadgate Circle (great looking Crab joint, noted) I saw the edgy, flashy front doors and entered once again wondering if I had in fact stumbled into a bar in Hoxton. I was offered ‘wraps’ or gloves for the class (£2 wraps, £5 gloves) , I had my own gloves as I LOVE FIGHT KLUB but that is a post for another day.

Now we  have to take a moment to talk about the changing rooms. These are just a delight. If I one day get my dream of my SATC style New York apartment, this would be my bathroom. Exposed brick a la New Girl, industrial sinks, show-stopping stage lighting around the mirrors with gorgeous smelling cleansers, toners, moisturisers, GHD’s, hairspray, grips… in fact I wonder how long you could get away with just secretly living in here?

The showers are great, if a little see through (after the class I of course got the whole protocol wrong, took my clean undies in, dropped them on the wet floor, then had to stand hair-drying them whilst smiling at the gorgeous ladies doing their make-up as if it was totally normal), and the whole place just feels so dam cool. Have I mentioned how bloody cool this place is? (Or maybe it’s sick, what do people say nowadays?).


Inside the dark and mysterious ‘Rumble’ studio, I pick a punch bag, and take in the atmosphere. It’s only 6.30am but it feels pumped. It feels electric almost. Everyone is ready to just go at it for 45 minutes. AND our main man Jamal is back from Monday, the cheeky scamp.


The session switches from HIIT sets of boxing, jabs, upper cuts, hooks and combinations. Then the bit everyone loves, the ‘rest’ period is made up of PRESS UPS, SQUATS and such glorious floor work that makes you look forward to starting the boxing again.

A technique class, this ain’t. I would recommend that you have some kind of boxing class experience just so you know how to throw a punch, but actually even if you just jumped around to the blaring chart Drum and Bass you’d work up a decent sweat.

The final two minutes were FREESTYLE, and the lights turn down so its just flashing darkness and pumping prodigy. I went sort of MENTAL, think I actually made noises of anger, perhaps a roar? It was GREAT! We stretched and went back to the buzzy changing rooms, I was at my desk by 8.10am ready to SMASH the day. Highly recommend it.

LOCATION: Broadgate Cir, London EC2M 2QS

DIFFICULTY RATING: Be prepared to work freaking hard, but it goes so quickly and you will KNOW you’ve worked out.