My alarm goes off at 5.30am flashing “Yoga douchebag, you’ve got YOGA” (I enjoy the ‘label’ setting on my iPhone so I know why the JEFF my alarm is waking me up so early). The realisation kicks in at that point that my arms are still killing me from the non-press ups of yesterday.

Not one to ever let a small thing like AGONY get in the way of a challenge I throw on my “Yoga Outfit” picked especially so people will think I have been before and know what I am doing, and head out into the cold for the 7am start at More Fit ‘More Morning Flow’ at Exmouth Market.

DISCLAIMER: This is not me, but this is what I imagine in my head.

The class is set inside Hummus Brothers, in case you want a side of Hummus Bros with your Yoga I suppose (my sister and I once came up with a mega business plan to open a rival called “Coleslaw Sisters” that had every variety of coleslaw with the strap line “More Than Just a Side“, but then my dad pointed out all the FLAWS  and we realised how short lived it’s success would be, akin to that scene in bridesmaids where she has to walk sadly past her own closed cake shop. Except in my scenario my sister and I would embrace each other TIGHTLY, and I would wipe away the tear on her dimpled cheek and say…”It turns out, it was just a side.” But I digress)

The lovely Luis pointed the four of us to a mat (with wooden blocks ready for the less nimble like myself), and the class began. I must say how amazing it was to just have four of us in the class as Luis was able to poke, prod and pull me into the right positions (minus the short tendon issues, see yesterdays post).

Now I am not here to tell you about yoga in the sense that everyone knows the basic premise since Geri Halliwell pranced across the beach in 2001 or something, positively GLOWING, I mean for Jeff’s sake her ABS! But I do know there are a lot of types, and a lot of levels, and this class I think caters for a good range, but definitely features on the more meditative side of things, rather than the tangled up legs/oven like room side.

We meditated beautifully to move us through each position. It flowed gently, but FORCEFULLY, Luis breathed and ommned in rhythmic way that reminded me of how waves lick the shore at sunset. I didn’t feel stupid at my LACK of ability – he made it feel like just the start of a wonderful self fulfilling positive journey for mind, body and soul….

Yeah yeah you’re thinking bullsh*t, my brain is fine and dandy thanks very much. But show me a person with all their SH*T together and I will show you a happy girl on a first date taken to Nando’s. (Pull your finger out lads).

Downward dog et all were very satisfying and very PAINFUL with my sore arms, but with a 8am finish I pretty much skipped into work. I enjoyed the calmness after the two much harder classes and re-booked for Friday morning!

LOCATION: 62 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

DIFFICULTY RATING: Pretty tough for a newbie, probably easier for anyone with experience. But not too taxing pre-work. A great stretch session that fed the soul.

STAR RATING: 5/5 Loved it! Namaste