I love high intensity work outs that get you sweaty and really make you feel like you’re “doing something”. But sometimes I sort of… not cheat… but when the sprightly instructor is looking elsewhere I am sure my bum SAGS, my core dis-engages and my posture is a far cry from the royal ballet. So yes I suppose I cheat.

This is why I thought Personal Training might be a go-er. So a few clicks on my new fave Class Pass app and Small Group Personal Training at Premier Fitness in Finsbury Park (near to my abode) is what transpired. Partly SHATTERED still from 1Rebel Full Body, and partly conscious that I wouldn’t be able to hide from the instructor I turn up to the session with a soupçon of apprehension.


But down to earth trainer Katy, and my fellow trainee, (who enthusiastically laughed along to every element of the 45 minutes like a kid let loose on a Wackey Warehouse after a blue Slush Puppy), made the time fly by… but also highlighted a massive issue.

I have been doing press ups and squats WRONG my WHOLE life.

Can I just re-iterate that? Like even on my knees I could still not complete an actual press up whilst Katy gently (forcefully) “showed” (pressed) the derrière into the position that a press up actually resides within.

Say I was aiming for London and you thought I was inside the M25… I was in GLASGOW.

Then came the squats. I have very short tendons (blame ballet and then deciding to walk around on tip toes for years at home) so I can’t actually squat all the way down. Oh the shame. I have homework – lots of homework.

Overall it was a great work-out, we did a full body session that pushed me much harder than if I was in the gym alone. There was round of kettle balls, planks, and weights in nicely spaced out intervals so you never felt like you couldn’t complete a set…aside from the push ups.

And of course I left with the knowledge that I had been living a callisthenics LIE for all these years.

LOCATION: Inside Premier Fitness, right by Wells Terrace exit (by buses at the back of Finsbo station) Unit 5, 13 and 18 Clifton House, 46 Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Totally depends on how hard you push yourself, but see this as a valuable string to your fitness bow that will help you throughout all your workouts.