For those that know me you’ll know I never do things by half. #AllorNothing is written on my freaking sneakers for Jeff’s sake. So when I stopped drinking… partly for Go Sober October, partly for my own health (10 week sabbatical in the states and South America, not great for Mr. Liver), I needed something else I could get my teeth into.

Cue Class Pass. For a mere £80 (usually £110, but I got a friends discount), I can go to an ‘unlimited’ amount of classes (up to 99) in one month. These aren’t your average Mad Lizzy, community hall, mild glow “oooh my, I am slightly out of breath” types of classes. These are cool AF, “Am I in a bar in Hoxton, a rave, or a dark fortress of sweat and hate?” type where for the first time in years I almost vommed.

Now I like to think of myself as fairly fit (marathon in 4.12 ah thank-you) but JEEZUS I was not prepared for DAY 1. 1REBEL.

Full body workout they said, split between a treadmill and floor work they said… what they didn’t say is that our main man Jamal will work you harder than a horse in the Grand National. I am talking sweat POURING from my face.

You swap between the two ‘zones’ (RUNNERS and SHAPERS) and basically push yourself more than you thought imagined in the usual HIIT style you would expect. Except no breaks, flashing lights, prodigy blaring out, and you know what? The time WHIZZED past. A lovely American girl I met on the way in gave me a face towel, like “you’ll need this”, she was not wrong. I was left shaking, confused, exhilarated and wanting more.

Class Pass is like crack, accept without the rotting teeth and self loathing. Gimmie more!


LOCATION: 63 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8LE

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Pretty tough going. I would say this is the hardest I have worked. But the time FLIES by so it’s all FINE.