It seems sensible to start here seeing as this is probably what you’re looking at; a goal. It’s got to be realistic and although that seems really obvious  I know so many people who think ‘size 10’ is their goal, and when you’re sat at a comfy size 16 (squeezing into size 12 New Look leggings or ‘denial trousers’ as I call them) it’s just such a massive task how are you ever going to get that far?

I would take baby steps every time, because then you can reward yourself constantly. Human’s love feeling accomplished, we all love praise so set something seriously small as your first goal and then re-assess once you’ve achieved it. A recommended weekly weight loss is 2 pounds to be able to keep it off, but seeing as this is your first week why not really go for it? If you’re reading this and you’re ready to get motivated then you may as well smash it!

Buy a book, write down ALL YOUR MEASUREMENTS and your weight. Now I know whatever it says on those scales looks mighty scary but guess what, that’s the last time you’ll ever see that weight. Say good-bye to it, because the only way is down.

Another point on setting too big a goal is that it then seems so far away and takes the responsibility out of today. How many times has someone said around Spring-time “I want to be slim for Sarah’s wedding in September” and when do they start thinking about it – usually around September the first! Losing weight and feeling good is all about now.